[NA West-Valtan][Rose Gold][OCE-based] Looking for Active Players!

Rose Gold [Lv4]

Hello Everyone!

We are a small group of friends looking to create an active community to learn and grow. Most of us are young adults that understand work life balance so we don’t expect you to be hardcore. This guild consists of mainly OCE players (US welcome as well). We plan to tackle end game content with players that are positive and willing to learn. The aim of this guild is to foster a casual and comfortable environment that everyone can take part in. All we require is for you to be respectful, active and social . We are also looking for people to play other games with as well. Our main method of communication will be via discord.

-Be active (Don’t have to be hardcore)
-Be respectful
-T3 Main
-Use discord
-Speak english
-Be mature

If you are interested feel free to apply or DM me on discord

[Discord] Jong#4172