[NA West - Valtan][SEA/OCE - English] Deicide - Semi-casual PvX Guild

Deicide is a semi-casual PvX guild residing in the SEA/OCE (mostly from VN/SG/MY) region.
Its core members are passionate gamers that have been playing and competing in various games through a myriad of genres for over a decade.
We welcome like-minded people who are willing to learn and help one another, as we grow together with the game.

What we are looking for:

  • English speakers with similar timezone with SEA area
  • Should have at least 1 character on tier 3
  • Any class

What we are NOT:

  • A carebear guild, we’ll help you out, but don’t expect a spoon for everything

Guild Status:
The guild is currently Level 5 with 10 slots available.

All applications please send to our discord: Deicide

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We just kicked a lot of inactive members and have around 15 slots now.