[NA West][Akkan][Gamers Grotto] Casual Guild Lvl 3 - PvX - Activity Required - Ran by Tier 3 Player and Streamer

[Gamers Grotto]

US West - Akkan

Guild Lvl 3

Requirements: iLvl 302+, Active, English speaking, 18+, Discord

Gamers Grotto is looking to replace some inactive members! We are a super casual guild looking for active and friendly members. I am on every single day for at least 4 hours a day. Currently grinding through tier 3 and just got into streaming. I have a few friends in the guild who are fairly active, and some others who are active as well, but we need more people willing to join Discord so I can start setting up some weekly events. I no life the game, so I will most likely be able to answer most of your questions. Apply today or add me on Discord to chat about the guild!

Discord: MrNormalNinja#3333

If anyone has requested to join since I posted this, I haven’t been on. I was playing before I posted and will be on this evening to accept requests, so hang tight!