NAE CoC Violation - Kicked From Game

I got kicked from the game for a violation of the code of conduct, the naming policy in particular. When I restarted, it told me I had to change my name before I can do anything but I was able to log into my characters with no problem.
Can someone look into the character in question and let me know if its okay or issue a name change token if it’s not so I can prevent any issues in the future? Thank you!

I’m on the NAE Avesta server and my main character is named Incelite.

Hello @Aznable0093

I hope you are doing well.

Since you have already got the warning for Code of Conduct violation for your character’s name, It would be ideal to change the character name to avoid similar instances in the future.

I request you to submit a Web Ticket to our support staff using the below mentioned link In order to get assistance regrading the name change along with the link to this Forum Thread.

I hope this helps. Cheers! :tada: