[NAE - Karta] Endless Knights is recruiting active players!

Endless Knights


  • Semi-Hardcore, PvE-focused
  • Level 20


Endless Knights is an international (primarily US-East) guild that was founded during the PSO2 release in the west. We’re a semi-hardcore, PvE-focused guild! We’ve cleared Kakul-Saydon (N), and are preparing for Brelshaza!

What Semi-Hardcore means for us:

  • Strong progression through the available content. Most of us are ilvl 1475+
  • Competent party-play, with intent to improve and better understand the end-game group content
  • Relaxed atmosphere: you won’t feel extremely pressured when doing content with us, even when we provide feedback to each other
  • A signup system, as well as optional static groups for more organization

What PvE-focused means for us:

  • Scheduled and unscheduled Raids / Abyss Dungeons / etc.
  • Weekly PvE-focused Siege (GvG) & Raid Matches (GvE)
  • No requirements for PvP content

Requirements / Contact

  • We prefer ilvl 1460+ players, but have a trial period available if you’re below it!
  • If the above sounds interesting to you, send me a message! We’ll chat and figure out if Endless Knights is the right place for you!
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