NAE Karta Reaping Shadowz

Guild Name: Reaping Shadowz

Language: English

Time Zones: EST/CST/PST

Guild Level: 5

Guild Shop: Lvl 2

Server: NAE Karta

Mission Objective:
We are building a guild; Members coming from different dead guilds with a mission to build our own community. Our goal is to help new players rise in the ranks to start getting into end game content such as Abyssal Dungeons/Raids, Legion Raids, Guardian Raids, etc. We want all of our members to experience what the game has to offer & are willing to do what it takes to help you get there!


-18+ ages. So far we are all adults and would like to keep it that way.

  • I. Lvl! We have no strict level minimum that you have to be to join our guild; all levels from T1 → T3 are welcome!

  • Must Be Active! We know you have a life outside of Lost Ark, but we need new members as well as our current members to be active to start forming static groups for end game content as well as helping out new members that join the guild.

  • Guild Donations/Weekly Tasks! In order to keep pushing our guild’s level; everyone in the guild must contribute in anyway that they can, whether it be donating gold, silver or just contributing to the weekly tasks.

  • Be Respectful! Try to keep the peace; a vast majority of the guild are easy to get along with; we don’t want toxicity in our guild.

  • Have Fun! Don’t be afraid to join us for our weekly raids as well as regular daily content that we engage in. We hope to see new members as well as returning players that just want a place that they can call home!

-We are all very social and like to chat.

We also have a lvl 8 alt guild with a lvl 4 guild shop if you need a place to park your alt characters!

Come join us and let us build our community together; feel free to join our guild Discord as well!