NAE - Ladon - Mokoko Brigade PvX is recruiting

Mokoko Brigade is currently looking to recruit active 1370+ players to join the main guild as well as any alts from those players within our two alt guilds.

Guild Name: Mokoko Brigade
1st Alt Guild Name: Mokokoho Brigade
2nd Alt Guild Name: Mokoho Brigade
Server: Ladon US EAST
Language: English
Guild Level: 18
Guild Shop: 5 (alt guild is 5 too)

Guild Description: We are an active PvX Guild who is striving for end game content and guild vs. guild events. We require donations and discord to help coordinating these guild events and help members find other guild mates to participate in various content. We have ~50 members, with a majority of those being 1400+. We’re continuing to build our core teams and helping the guild by scheduling raid nights / and preparing for other legion raids! We’ve been actively participating in the server Guild Events (Siege/Raid)! We have a very active discord for chilling and sharing information to help each other out.

What we’re looking for:

  • Active contributions (donations, guild events, research aid, etc.)
  • Discord required!
  • Guild PVP/PVE Event and Raid participation.
  • 1370+ Players for the main guild and no level restriction for alts in the alt guild
  • BS Distribution to members 60%

Event/Raid Schedule:
Guild Events (Siege and Raid): Start 8:30PM EST Sundays.
Raids: Wednesdays/Thursdays

Reach out to myself through this forum, discord (Vibration#4951), in-game(Ulida) and/or apply in-game through the guild menu! Hope to see you all around!