[NAE] Looking for 1 Gunlancer and 2 DPS for Reclear + Hell Mode Static

Looking for 1 Gunlancer and 2 dps for vykas and valtan reclear + hell mode practices.

For reclears raid days will be Friday 9pm → 1am if needed, for hell mode valtan and vykas will be Wed Fri Sat 9pm - 1am ET, with a potential fourth day added. The goal is to clear around a month of hell mode release.

We are a group of experienced mmo players, with track record of CE in wow and ultimate clears in ffxiv, and we are looking for players with similar experiences with damage optimization etc.

Please link me your build, ilevel, and mmo experiences/logs (other region hell mode exp, wow raider.io, fflogs etc.)

Time is flexible and we can adjust to everyone’s schedule.

Reach out to discord @Fyknight#5017