NAE Una dc's even worse than usual?

Anyone else on Una getting more dc’s than usual? I usually only dc once every few hours but between me and a couple friends we’ve dc’ed 10 times in the last hour lmao.


dude… my bf and I both just DCd 5 times each in the past hour. Has been fine all day until an hour ago.

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Glad to know it wasn’t just us lmao. Like it’s been shitty for the last few weeks just like every server on NAE but today it’s REALLY bad. Watched my buddy do a vykas and they had 4-5 dc’s every gate

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Yeah no, you’re not alone in this. It seems to get worse and worse every single week, yet the only updates we get is “wE aRe WoRkInG oN a FiX” :rofl:

NAE Karta here, have not been able to stay connected for longer than 10ish min before a DC happens,

welp, it’s happening about every 10 or so min now. this time I DCd and got ANOTHER error that closed my game.

Pro tip, don’t play the game, I’ve lost an argos ticket and a valtan ticket in the past 30 minutes.

We’ve seen a bit of an unusual uptick in DCs across Una and the North America East region – flagged this to the team, and we are monitoring to see if there are actions we will need to take.

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you’re talking about it as if this was a brand new problem that just came up… i’m dead lol


No, we are well aware disconnects have been ongoing for an extended period of time. However there was an increase in reports specifically within the last hour or so on Una and NAE, and we’ve seen pop drops reflected on our end too, so we are investigating to see what may have caused this and how it may be mitigated.

Have you guys ID’d the issue? I really don’t want Brel to be spoiled by this issue - it’s really the worst thing that could happen for the game.

Brel made this game famous - we need the experience to be flawless!

P.S. Buff the Mokoko Beginner Rewards to boost new players to current content. We need new blood, make it easy for them to get to endgame please!

I want to ask why we’re not receiving any information from you regarding the DC issue.

What is the current status of solving the problem?
Did the team identify the issue?
Are they in the process of fixing it?
How much time is expected for the problem to be fixed? If they identified the problem and working on a fix, do they want one, two, or three weeks to fix it?

I mean saying that the team went to KR and nothing after and when we ask for an update you say I haven’t received any, I mean, when you contact them, what do they tell you?

I am only saying this because when the team went to KR for the server merge, you were giving us live updates like they reached this x% on migration and so on, so you were in contact. But in this case, no information is shared at all which is weird.

I’ve asked the same question in not so many words.

Team in Korea said the BBQ is fantastic.


literally bored and exhausted with this crap keep happening. 5k reports were entered since July, yet nothing is being done since then .

if you guys are not able to resolve it, lock all the servers and disable EAC.


U forgot the alcohol dude.


You guys still haven’t identified the problem and your releasing the raid next week???

Yes. I NEVER dc’d up until about a week ago. Now im averaging several a day. I recently posted an image from when myself and another dc’d on Valtan today. It’s a big shit sandwich and it’s apparently our turn to take a bite

Not good, but at least they are seeing evidence of the problem. That often is the start of figuring out what is causing it at least. Good luck!

this problem won’t be this severe if they took it seriously and tried to fix since July. Instead, they purposely blamed it on the USERS and tell them to either switch internet providers or change modem to fix it.

Azena: I’ve just done Kungelanium across 4 characters, each character the first time entering Frost Haven instance I got an infinite load screen crash and had to force quit the game. When I am in the game, it’s a crapshoot of whether I have constant frame hitching or not. I have a 3080ti and 10850k with no other programs running.

Our client is broken. It has been known since the beginning when RU and KR players noticed the poor relative performance in the Argos raid. I hope that the team is spending the time in Korea to address the problems with our client as a long-standing issue, and not just a recent phenomena as of 4-6 weeks ago.