NA/EU API Before winter?

@Roxx Im going to assume that AGs/SG have a permanent solution to the botting problem in the works on top of the bandaid fixes they have been releasing. That being said, If we are headed towards a direction of less bots. I think we should get some kind of announcements regarding the release of an API like korea. Im sure many community members would appreciate using similar tools thay korea has to build their characters more cost effectively. For those who dont know korea has community made websites using SGs API that allows them to access item prices and character stats. Im sure you’ve heard or used these sites to look at korean builds at one point or another.

Korean players use these websites to search for the most cost-effective items for their builds. Its basically the market and auction house but updated with the current market prices of the game and a few features on top.

NA/EU players should receive the API for our respective regions so players in this version can start building thier own tools for the community.

Thanks Roxx