NA/EU Font vs KR/RU Font

Hope this reaches a CM and is talked about further. The font on NA/EU seems very sharp compared to KR/RU, where it feels more rounded and easy on the eyes. Something about playing on RU/KR feels so much more satisfying to read names, see damage numbers etc. I understand that this isn’t the primary concern right now although I do find my eyes hurting based on the font. This post is more of a bump of previous threads talking about the same issue that were never seen by a AGS/SG representative. For images and other posts around the same issue please see this past thread: Font is difficult to read

I would love to possibly see a outright change as it seems like people that know of the font differences all prefer the Eastern versions. If not I would love to see a option to alter the font between the New and the Classic fonts. Allowing each player to pick their preferred font.

Hopefully this finds its way into AGS’ vision.

I don’t think I even need to explain how much better the KR version looks over NA/EU.




EU/NA fonts totaly suck i agree.
i played on KR/RU and for me the diff is night and day. so much cleaner.

Ours feels/looks smaller and pressed together what makes it hard to look at.

But any CM is ignoring this since the beta. probably they are told to just answer to a few picked topics and ignore everything else for now.

+1 the fond is pain in the eyes in NA/EU. Please change.

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  • said the same thing please fix!!
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i swear sometimes i cant even recognize what my dmg numbers tells bc its so fked up.
the font they using is so fking bad, i still cant belive they choosed it.