Nah Roxx, you gotta tell them move Artist up to February

March or April is unacceptable.


I really think they don’t give a single fuck about player feedback at this point. Literally the most feedback they have gotten is about Artist release and they still delay it to April on top of it being the same date as Hard Brel release.

So fucking stupid that people can’t prepare their Artist for day 1 Hard Brel now.


I must agree for once. Can we please stop releasing new classes with new raids? it doesnt make any sense. release new class at least 2 months before raid so ppl actually have chance to catchup at some point.


Artist in February is a must tbh. That would actually push some support players to have it ready for Brel Hard 2 months later. Having it out at the same time as new raid tier pushes players to make a choice to do one or the other. Would have been PERFECT to use the dead time between new raid tier to keep players interested.

Will be rethinking my Lost Ark approach for 2023. Diablo 4 looks more and more enticing and just quitting Lost Ark now and find another MMO until D4.


Ill stay on LOA with the bot…i mean adventurers before I play another Diablo.

It always great how they makes people quit, 1-2 more this type roadmap and we got 5% player base real players and 95% bots, they need fire that one who was thinking making us wait 4 month for artist


We’re AGS!!!

We give a fuck about what our players think/want!


Damn bro, you have a severe case of fomo

I can do Brel Hard with my Bard and Pally with ease, there’s no FOMO. I just want to do it with Artist first if possible.

Do you understand what FOMO means?

Has less to do with FOMO and more to do with wanting to play the class with friends when the content releases. Just check with our fellow summoners how they felt about Brel being released.

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Ya I mean I wanted to play summoner since day 1 and unfortunately couldn’t run brel with her day 1. Saved up for months to push it to 1490 and gear her up but can’t spend gold to get instant 6 piece which is basically all my dmg. If they at least thought of things first and at the bare minimum released summoner at the beginning of the month and brel towards the end it would’ve been a little better but honestly I don’t know what their thought process is. Eventually people are gonna get burnt out on complaining over the same shit and just play something else. The western management of this game sucks and it’s not the cm’s fault. They’re making it just seem like a temporary cash grab.


but thats been the case with every other kr mmo before, hmmmmmmmm

I didn’t play previous kr mmos but it’s pretty sad. If only they’d respect our passion for something they built but what they’re doing is just straight disrespectful and sad. Hopefully they get their heads out of their asses and do right by both the game and artist players.

Damn they really dropped that sorry ass road map and went on vacation. Well played.

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Agree to have class released staggered from raid release would be so much better.

They should have gave us artist and aeromancer for christmas. Im quitting until aeromancer comes out. im sick of waiting for the only class i want to play. I dont care if they censor it or w/e i just want to have it to start playing it.

The sad reality is as we have seen at LOA they don’t give a crap about the Western version of the game. I do believe AGS does their best to address our concerns to SMG, they simply don’t care or acknowledge our feedback.

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