Name availability for banned accounts

Hello my my friend recently got banned for cheating (idk why he never even played the game, he just logged on day of release super early and secured a couple of cool names)
I was just wondering when the names of a banned account would be released. The characters are all lvl 1 but they were not instantly available on the day of the ban.
Would appreciate insight on this thanks.


Never will happen.
Dont ping cms jeez.


Are you asking so your friend playing on non-banned account can have his names? Why in the world would they allow those names to be open.



Everyone in every mmo ever got banned for nothing.

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We probably won’t see a name purge for a long time since we’re only 3 months in.

maybe his “friend” is really just him and wants his banned names? lol

What is wrong with making them available??? What if it is something nice? The name didn’t do anything…

They will be available someday, not sure how long we will have to wait though. If they are nice there will be competition for them.

Ooo maybe… I like this story
But fr I was just asking a question lol

Lol sorry I don’t get on the forums ever I didn’t know it was wrong to ping the CM’s

He has no intention of ever playing again so I was interested in having one of his names

Don’t have experience with names associated with a ban, but when I changed servers and deleted the first character I created, it took 60 days for my name to be available again.

I guess the liars do ruin honesty for random strangers
Sorry if this came off ingenuine but it’s the truth.

Honestly speaking this is probably lower than their lowest priority right now, they have so much more real things to worry about. Think about it for a moment, so many bans are going out, how many are real and how many are false positives? How many ban appeals are pending?? Do you think they can carelessly free up names on banned accounts right now? They don’t even know if they are banning the right people.

Flooding cms with useless tags just wastes more of their time because they probably have to review what you wrote. Btw I’m not trying to sound mean or saying you alone are flooding them useless tags, but with all the current issues this is not even worth mentioning at this time, maybe when the dust settles then you can ask again or else it will just be forgotten in the sands of time.

Now if you got unfairly banned and need help with that, that’s a different story :slight_smile:

Lol just asking information on how the names work with banned accounts not asking for anyone to free names from a banned account.
If there’s an answer I’ll take it. If there’s not then whatever no problem.
I don’t think tagging a community manager for information I don’t have is a waste of time…

Let’s talk about the ban. My buddy hasn’t played for months, tried to log on and it said he was banned. He can’t be bothered to appeal it as he thinks this game is shit but like how does someone get banned because they didn’t play for 6 weeks, login and slam? Very interesting…