Name change coupon

How long after I use a name change coupon will the old name be available? I’ve decided to switch from Paladin to Bard. I want to rename my Paladin and give his name to my Bard.

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When a character that is Level 10 or lower is deleted, that character’s name will be available for reuse right away.
If a character is Level or 11 or higher, when they are deleted their name will be recycled for reuse after a 60 day period passes. (In this case the character was not deleted, however the name was changed and the process is the same).

You can read the original article here: Update to Character Name Deletion

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I’m not deleting anything. I’m using name change coupons.

I understand you are not deleting the character and just using the coupon name change, however, as mentioned before, in those cases when the character name is changed, the previous name gets in the 60 days cooldown due to the name is removed (or changed) and the character lvl is 11 or higher.

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Have to say this is really stupid system…