Name Requisition System

Would it be possible to implement a system that allows you to submit a request for a names or names that are currently “claimed” by an inactive character and then, pending a waiting period, grant you that name?

Example: Jared joined Lost Ark and claimed the name “Jared” for his Deathblade but has not logged in for 6 months. Jared is not planning on returning to Lost Ark (he started college, forgive him). But I play Lost Ark every day and my name is Jared. I want to have the name “Jared” in game too.

The system would allow you to submit a request that would flag the name for monitoring. If the user does not log in within a certain period of time (certainly a long waiting period would be reasonable because names are region unique) then the name is passed onto the first person who submitted the request.

This would encourage people with names they want to keep to check in on a regular basis to refresh their claim to the name. Simply logging on to any of your Roster characters would refresh the claim (no need to log on to every character to refresh your claim, that would be annoying).

However, if I submit a request for a name that is already taken, and they DON’T log in to refresh their claim, the name would be passed to me after the waiting period.

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I would like to hear if this idea is feasible :face_with_peeking_eye: