Name Reuse Issues - Unable to reuse (Level 1)


I deleted a character that was under Level 10 (Level 1), but now I cannot reuse the name immediately. Can someone please help or provide more information? I made the name using early access. I get an “You cannot use this name” notification.

Thank you

try again it took about 30s for me

It has been around 10-20 mins :frowning:

You can’t be level 1, characters start at level 10.

Are you sure you didn’t level up to level 11? That would lock the name for 60 days upon deletion.

Alternatively, what was the name? If it was a popular name it may have been taken by someone else in the time it took you to recreate a character.

Level 1 as in I did not start the game yet on them yet. I went through Amazon Support and they restored my character (no one took the name yet), but I would like the name on another class.