Name taken after character delete?

Not sure if it’s a bug or if someone randomly snagged my name instantly at 5am but, on 2 occurrences now I’ve deleted my character and went to remake one while putting the SAME names and they come up taken both times. I’m wondering if that’s due to the typical “24 hour” wait time to delete a character but since they were level 10 I was able to do it instantly. If anyone has an explanation that’d be nice, because I don’t want to lose a name during the full release of the game.

They said you have to wait 120 days to release the nick.

Does the 120 day countdown start from when you first take the name or when you first delete the character do you know?

Whenever I’ve deleted and remade a character it’s usually a minute or two for the name to be released and able for me to reuse it.

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Tbh sounds like this needs to be specified by a dev, I might just submit a ticket to find out because I’m sure no one wants to lose their names.

It has been confirmed by Ardroz that the associated name will persist 120 days after character deletion