Naruni event books extended?

@Roxx Can we get some clarification on this? The expiration date for the honing books from the Naruni event now say they expire on the 21st. There was no announcement for this change, so is this just a visual bug? Or do they actually last a week longer now?
If that’s actually the case, does that mean the Naruni event itself now lasts until the 21st? And consequently would that mean that the April Update (with Glaivier) is on the 21st, and not the 14th?

The books do indeed last a week longer! I can neither confirm or deny any and subsequent speculations quite yet as to not ruin hype marketing, but you’ll know by early next week :slight_smile:

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Thanks for answering! That’s great news on the books.
Idk what “hype marketing” is, but not knowing the exact date it really stressful…

So it’s been a couple days now, and pretty soon it won’t count as “early next week” anymore…
Any update on that announcement yet? It’d be nice to know if I need to keep or cancel my PTO for Thursday…

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