Naruni Island bugged? or time waste?

Me and my guild showed up to the GVG event (Naruni Island) challenge

starting time 7:30PM and 7:40PM (BOTH event)
my guild joined the room together
1st run we were in the entrance waiting and enemy did not show up (suppose to be a win right by default but we still lost)

2nd run (7:40PM in game time)
we go through the entrance portal and waiting for enemy (enemy guild didn’t show up as well)
we are waiting for the race to start but still lost and our guild got a penalty for showing up to the GVG naruni event on time?

If anyone know anything about this please let me know… but thats how i see it at the moment… We show up on time just to get loss and get penalty

Maybe your guild did not bring the required amount of players?
You need a minimum of 7 players for Naruni siege, if you are not 7 you will get penalized and lose by default

You can see this if you click on Naruni Island in the Siege overview, top right it will say the amount of players 7~8