Naruni Island (Siege) schedule

Hello, I just want to ask to verify if this isn’t a bug. The siege event has usually been every week, but for some reason we seem to be skipping a week. It should be at 09/04 but it’s saying 09/11 for the island siege.

We’re kind of confused why this week’s race (09/04) is being skipped, or if that’s just an error, and will fire off tomorrow, and some will only log in for the event.

EDIT: As of today (09/04) 0100, the date has changed to say "Next match 09/04. But earlier, that is what the siege is showing.


That’s a weird bug! Thank you for reporting this. I will forward your report to the Development team to review this occurrence. :slight_smile:

One small question, Claymore_One.

What server was this on?

Enviska, it started showing the correct time once it rolled to 09/04 date, but at the time it was showing as 09/11.

Thank you for this information!