NAW Maintenance Compensation?

So, just to confirm, NAW players are gonna get compensation for the unexpected maintenance, correct?

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The only official post confirming a maintenance compensation is this one for the September 7th Update. Check all the details on this post:

The last “unexpected” update was for US West region and no compensation have been confirmed by official channels. Details on the link below:

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telling us no without telling us no. good day!

Dont Event think to get compensations, unless all servers are affected. In EUC you couldn’t queue for guardians and daily’s on one server because your loading times was longer than 5/10 mins so you would only throw away your entry for that day. In total that was on 7days in 3 weeks, it was most of the time on the weekend.

So yeah unless some big mistakes happen where many regions are affected you don’t get anything.

In the last patch EUC had an extra maintenance for about 3/4 hrs and in the end everyone got the same