NAW Valtan Login que

Guys srsly, this has been on for a long long time. I’m sure you all aware of it.

How do yous expt to have new player joining when they see this shit?
How many of us real players r going to stay in game much longer when we have to wait for hours every time we have time to play?

Please do something about it, this shouldn’t be a big problem to fix.


If you’re a new player, I’d seriously recommend NOT starting on a US West server unless you’re joining to play with friends already there. I see that people started posting about this over a month ago, and the problem is still outrageous (10K+ on Valtan, with all other US West server queues in the thousands). My main roster is on US East Regulus, and we’ve had NO queues since the first couple of weeks, before they added new servers. There has to be more to it than just the bot population, as I see just as many on Regulus. Really, really wish my Cabal friends had chosen another region. :frowning: