NAW|Enviska\ Specter_Active/Social Chill Guild

Name: Specter

Region: NA-West- Enviska

Language: English

Guild Level: 21

Our guild is looking for active and social main characters to join our main guild - alts need not apply. We have limited spots left and are looking to fill them with very active, dedicated and social players wanting to hang on Discord and raid with. Looking to make a 4th Brel static that runs on Wednesday. Our current 3 run on Thursday Friday and Sunday 8pm PST.

Our Community__

Specter is an active, social and mature (18+) NA-West PvX guild for all players. We aspire to be a non-toxic gaming culture, fun is the ultimate goal. Our focus is building an active, fun, and chill community on this game, so please join us if you have found a passion for Lost Ark like us! Half of us are somewhat casual and the other half are fairly hardcore - so I can assure that you will fit in.

-We have limited spots open in our Main Guild and are seeking to fill them with social mains. If you are not very active or social we will still gladly accept you into our alt guilds and are otherwise treated the same as Main guild members and welcome to join our raids, school runs and hang out.

-We run Argos, free Argos Bus, Valtan, Vykas (both modes) & GvE- throughout the week: multiple days and times available. We have statics for Brel. Kakul on request. We also have a schooling raid every now and then to teach raid mechanics.

-We own 4 alt guilds ready to accept your alts and/or less active members.

-You’re welcome to join the community discord under our Prospect title and try us out by running some raids (if space is available) and chill with us before you join the actual guild. We understand how frustrating the guild leave penalty can be and we want both you and us to be the perfect fit.

Fun Comes First__

-As a guild, we put fun above all else. This means that we balance a competitive spirit with a fun and chill atmosphere.

-Prospective members should be social, ready to group together to run content, communicate in Discord and in-game.

-On the scale of try-hard-ness we are between 6 and 9 out of 10.

-Our time zones are based around PST/MST and most of our members are
located in US/CA/AUS.

-Active members of all skill levels are welcome provided they abide by the rules and commitments to the guild.

-We teach, help and carry our lower ilevel members through content.

-We expect members to try to join GvE on Saturday at 8pm PST.

If any of this sounds like where you want to be, then we would love to
have you. You can apply by joining our discord.
Please join our Discord to apply!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Lost Ark.

Guild Expectations__

-Maintain a reasonable level of activity, and advise us if you will be absent for a prolonged period of time (we want to save your spot).

-Be present in Discord. This is where we have raid sign-ups, message alerts and everything you need to have fun in the guild.

-Ensure your Discord nickname contains in full, or in part, the in-game character name of your main character so we know who’s who.

-Maintain an average weekly contribution score of 200 by assisting in guild-related research and activities.

-All Specter members are required to have their main in the Guild.

-If you do not follow our rules you will be subjected to removal from the Guild, Discord or moved to an alt guild.





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