NAWest bard lfhellmode

Hey guys I’m kinda desperate. I am a bard player from NAWest and I’m looking for a group to run hell modes with. My guild isn’t good enough for hell modes, I can tell from how they do on hard.

I’ve done decently well in valtan hard, having relatively cleared it easily last week (after failing with guild for a few hours then clearing it 2nd try in pug, last one alive at the end) and with a bit more struggle week before.

I hope someone has a group for hell mode that needs a support :grin:.

My discord is xtremeities#8145


I’m in too, Gunlancer and I have 2 friends that may come along.

Top 10 OCE experience in the past (WoW wotlk)

Reach out in game, let’s do it! (Roidzz)

Oh which server are you on? I’m on bergstrom so might not be able to reach out in game. I’m OCE too btw.

My discord is xtremeities#8145 :slight_smile: .

Awesome i will add you on discord, I’m on Valtan server