NAWest crystal prices

So NAWest crystals have been hovering between 600-750 ish.

Meanwhile EUC and NAE are at 900 apparently? Does this mean we have more legit whales AND more RMTers (bcos queues?).

nah~it just mean the RMT and whales in our region r still developing given that EUC was open first~

its means we do not have legit whales and people are RMTing third party. Blue crystals should be going down if there is a supply. If whales aren’t buying gold in game, blue crystals become expensive. All the RMT threw it out of whack since people weren’t making legit purchases and people want blue crystals. If bots and rmt gets under control, then it should “fix”.

EUW is at 1.2k and rising

Buy your crystals now. Thank me later. New content, Mari shop buffs, will drive the prices higher. 700g is cheap.

Ya i have 22k rn :smiley:

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Yes you have more RMTers and more whales. You are NAW

BTW the crystal prices and everything follow now g2g, AGS is completely ignored now. Since EUW has by faaaar the cheapest gold prices EUW has by faaaar the highest crystal prices.

when royal crystals are worth more gold then people are willing to actually swipe legitimately in the exchange. the 100 real money bucks is worth 50k to 60k gold instead of 25k, and you dont have undercutting andys willing to sell royal crystals at a lower price. actually the higher price of blue crystals the better.

Blue crystals on NAW have been jumping between 550-700 over the past couple of months, usually before the months update and dies down again 2 weeks after.

This will skyrocket in the future as we continue to gain more gold resources.

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