[NA/West - Valtan] Readycheck is looking for addicted players. Contact us if you can't stop playing this damn game!

Readycheck is recruiting!

We are here to recruit new members to join us in our journey of self discovery and RMT jokes. At this point in time, if any of you are still active in the game, it means that you are invested (or should we say, addicted) and are not going to be quitting anytime soon. That being the case, we would like to welcome you to our guild. We are an active guild that are pushing progression and would like to have more people join our ranks.

Once Upon A Time

There was a Video Game Developer that started playing MMORPGs. Over the past 17 years, he has created hardcore progression guilds (World of Warcraft), to friends and family guilds (Wildstar.) Now he is in Lost Ark running an experiment. Can a casual progression guild also be a friends and family progression guild? Well join us and find out!

NA/West - Valtan

What we offer:

:crossed_swords: A guild leader that has a collection of “questionable” anime figurines.
:crossed_swords: Awesome Guild Officers that like to hold hands so that they don’t get lost or kidnapped.
:crossed_swords: Experienced and knowledgeable guildmates who are quick to answer and help others.
:crossed_swords: We have runs throughout the week, but are most active on Wednesday thru Sunday night (PST).
:crossed_swords: VERY Active on Discord and in game.
:crossed_swords: 85/15 Guild Bloodstone distribution in favor of our guildmates.
:crossed_swords: Weekly Honing and Faceting parties. (Go ahead, ask me what that is.)
:crossed_swords: Likes long walks on the beach. We’re lying “We don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating — and it gets everywhere.”


:bow_and_arrow: Two week activity limit unless the guild officers are informed beforehand. If you want to rejoin later, then we will welcome you with open arms and naked bodies.
:bow_and_arrow: Weekly donations to guild bloodstones and research.
:bow_and_arrow: Tier 3 - We are willing to accept lower, but we must discuss this with you beforehand. If you’re a cool person, we don’t really give a fuck.
:bow_and_arrow: VERY active on discord. Since the guild messaging in this game sucks, Discord is the main form of communication for us.
:bow_and_arrow: Be a cool person. Even though we are pushing progression, we are a friends and family guild first. Please keep that in mind. If not, then we aren’t for you.
:bow_and_arrow: A collection of ceramic clown lamps. (No exceptions!)

Again, we are looking for new members and/or an inactive guild that has active members that would like to join us. If you have any questions, contact me here, on discord: Readycheck Games or in game - Gungix

“If we are not the droids you are looking for then you can go about your business.”. If you do want to join, we require that we spank your butt before inviting you. But in a loving way. :heartpulse:

Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!

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Cudos for one of the funniest (or weirdest, but also in a “loving way” <3 ) recruitment messages I’ve ever read. If I would be playing on NA server, I even would buy a ceramic clown lamp to give it a try. Have fun and enjoy this (mostly) great game!

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