Near Redemption

After seeing so many QoL updates in this coming update, I have to give credit where it’s due and you have my attention again.

HOWEVER - I can only speak for myself here of course, but I still won’t spend another dime until you at least show an attempt to fix game-breaking issues with the same bravado as the pheon fiasco in the future.

Crap happens, I get it, but there have been way more weekly patch problems since launch (and pre-launch, but I’m not really counting the soft-launch time) on a fully developed game than there ever should have been up to this point. This isn’t some kind of early release title, after all.

With all of that said, this coming update has a lot going for it in all of the right ways. Don’t fk it up.


Only time will tell, so far so good. Let’s see

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And do it during EU night-time for once.

Cope, not going to happen na is the main market share

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