Need a lot more skins

Can we finally get a big chunk of skins for each class?

Everyone is basicly looking the exact same at level 50+


Too many “outstanding” issues at the moment, the same ones since the beginning, that they “try” to fix every week and fail.


It’s better they are taking their time until the issues are fixed. The store is unstable at the moment so I would rather not risk buying stuff.

Just imagine how much they lost in sales due to the empty skin section in the store.

There are less and less players every week, so less and less potential buyers.

And it’s not like it takes work to make the skins first, no. There are a shitload of skins ready to be pumped out, but here we are.

I’m afraid the skin situation takes this long because they’re trying to censor skins before they put them out. In which case they can keep them…


You are totally right and I can’t wait to have more customization options but think about it if they had 200+ skins in the store right now and with the ongoing problems with the shop imagine how many posts per day they will have on the forums like “OMG BOUGHT CRYSTALS BUT CANT BUY SKIN” or “SKIN PURCHASE FAILED, I WANT A REFUND”