Need a way to report Chaos Dungeon AFKers

I finally ran across my first one today. Since they don’t chat, and there is no ability to right-click on party list… there is no way to report Chaos Dungeon AFKers (aka griefers, AKA bots). While the rest of us was carrying that bot’s butt…

why are you doing chaos dungeons in a group?


You can Ctrl+click them in party :slight_smile: .Also just do Chaos Dungeon solo. its easier and faster and no headaches.

Have a nice day!

Until this last dungeon, CDs were faster in a group than solo.

Thanks for the ctrl-click tip!

I play as a Bard and yes I know I can solo these but I dont understand why a multyplayer game forces me into solo play because Amazon/Smilegate is not able to get botting and afking in a Chaos Dungeon under control.
And the best thing is, you even lose your Aura of Resonance/remaining run if the afking player does not vote to progress (because he is afk), you simply fail your run.
There are two very easy solutions to this problem, either a Votekick with a 3/4 majority + a effective reportingsystem plus forced progression to the next stage if the first timer runs out.