Need advice for alts

I have 3 dps alts actually parked at 1415 (3x3 eng) & I buy valtan busses for them every week. As pure f2p I don’t want to invest pheons into them. Yesterday I used fused leapstones & with some taps went to 1430 on them. Given the current gatekeeping is it worth buying some accessories & going 4x3 on them ? will I be able to get accepted into groups for Valtan/vykas NM at 1430 ?

I would try to buy accessories that makes you 4x3 but that also that you can keep when you aim for 5x3 so you don’t have to buy twice. And of course snipe for a few days till you find a good price.
4x3 should be enough for valtan normal but you depend on how good are other people applying. If other people are higher roster, have advanced titles etc its hard that leader choose you unfortunately.

4x3 isn’t big investment since I have some good ones for the current 3x3. But I would rather buss valtan/vykas for 30 min than try to find a group & get declined for hours after investing.
I have the titles & my current roster level is 174

sometimes pple dont care about hard valtan, most pugs are quite proficient in it, its hard to get normal groups quickly now, though most pugs there arent that good. 4x3 is very common, most pple who can afford it, they just go 5x3 when their alts hit 1415

I tried investing a little bit for one alt to get it to 4x3 +1 (GS) and it’s a waste of time at 1430. Either new people join & waste 1 hour in tried or get declined with a group 1445+.
So my verdict is better invest & go 1460 for both hardmode or just not invest & bus.