Need advice for gunslinger

Hey guys I need help I am not sure what stats gunslinger need, I know that the priority is crit
But the second swift or spec and why ?

you can play either, its preference for the most part and depends on whether you want to run nightmare set or salvation set

the strongest build however in terms of dps right now is going crit / spec necklace, 2 crit earrings, 2 spec rings and salvation relic set

That’s what I did I got 1210 crit
475 spec
422 swift
And she 5x3
Grudge 3
Keen blunt 3
Hit master 3
Adrenaline 3

thats a good build, you could put all the swiftness into spec for more damage if you run salvation set, for me personally the 10% atk speed is enough, dont need more swift but depends what you like more

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I will run salvation relic set ,
So leave the stat like that ? Or add spec instead of swift ?

you can try it out in trixion since you can set your stats there, for optimal damage you should move all the swiftness to spec but the damage difference is not very massive so you should definitely try firsthand how it feels to move around and use your rotation with no swiftness compared to how much you have right now but make sure you do have at least salvation 4 piece equipped when you do the test and your 20 stacks since that is what gives the 10% atk speed and makes 0 swiftness “playable”

at the end of the day its about preference and feeling comfortable on the build, if you have that set you will also perform the best

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Amazing thanks a lot, I will get the relic set and meanwhile will stay like that for faster rotation cuz if swift give me CD-R and mobility- thanks mate

Btw why not nightmare set ?

i mentioned this back here because you can definitely play nightmare set but if you play nightmare you definitely want to have the stats you posted here

the only reason you can afford to drop all the swiftness into specialization is because the salvation at 4 pieces gives 10% attack speed which makes you able to properly use your spells and rotation in real fights, the set itself gives slightly less damage than nightmare but the spec stats give you extra damage to where the build with something like 1200 crit and 900 spec deals more damage (i dont know the exact percentage but its not an insane damage increase its just stronger by a few %)

i personally played with nightmare set a bit but i didnt like the mana management on it which is why i switched to the high spec salvation build but you can play nightmare with the stats you posted and its a good build too

First of all thank you a lot,
Second if I understand right I can go nightmare with the stat I have and salvation,
What you recommending with the stats I have ?

with the stats you have i would advise to go nightmare since that gives you slightly more damage and you dont miss attack speed since you have swiftness already

if you realize that you dislike the mana management that comes with the nightmare set to not drop the damage buff and go into cdr mode then you can freely switch to salvation later on anyway

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I mean I believe
My rotation will drink my
Mana no ?

it depends how much spells you spam on pistol for movement and whatnot, the rotation itself can be sustained for the most part without hitting low mana, its more a thing of feeling it out, its hard to give guidelines since from my experience gunslinger builds have alot of versatility and it comes down to finding one you personally like most

im not sure if you know but after a while of doing valtan and vykas raids you unlock a function that lets you change your gear set to a different one completely free and anytime you want so whether you go with nightmare or salvation right now in the first place does not matter that much, eventually you will be free to switch to whichever

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Yea I know but that’s take time to get all 55 wings :joy:

TLDR: The more spec you have the more damage you do, swift is mainly for utility, with your stats you should go with nightmare set, just like Brogurt said if you had crit/spec build salvation is the way to go, but in the end game especially if you have high weapon quality nightmare is just the better set because nightmare set damage is multiplicative and salvation damage is additive, but in the end just play whatever you enjoy the most, personally when I am raiding I use nightmare because i get attack speed buff from my support or other dps ( depending on the synergy) and when I am doing solo content like valtan bus I switch to salvation for extra mobility.

Also i have been experimenting with stats and this is the ideal setup for me where i don’t feel slow + i do a lot of damage (Of course a setup like this is impossible to achieve right now because we don’t have bracelets + 120/120 bracelet would be insanely expensive so i will settle for something like 90-100/90-100)

Also after recent gunslinger buffs some people stopped using perfect shot and swapped it with shotgun rapid fire because of the shotgun buffs, but i will need to test if it’s actually worth it.