Need advice on honing please

Hey I have my main at 1370, i am wondering if I should try to push that to 1385 or bring my 2nd alt to 1340 from 1325.

Also are there new honing buffs unlocked at some point in T3?


At some point (1400 if i remember correctly, please someone correct me) you get a honing buff till 1370 (but it isn’t as great as it sounds).

Edit is 1385 as Shafu pointed out!

You get it at 1385

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check your estate research unlocks and at this point going wide first is better than going 1 high

I think you should push your main to 1385 to get the honing buff from your stronghold and then push your alts to 1340, and then at 1370. After that you can push your main for valtan ilvl. That’s what i’m planning on doing at least

is the buff effective from 1325+ or 1340+?

It’s from 1302 if i’m not mistaken