Need an official answer about Regions and Servers!

I think it’s safe to assume that the regions (ie. EU, NA, etc.) will have their servers located in their respective countries, but what about the servers within the regions? Will all the servers under a region be located in the same location or will each individual server in a region have a different location?

Also, how would playing the game work with friends located in different parts of the US? Can I really not play with someone in US West if I’m in US East? The reason I’m asking these questions is because if the servers do in fact have different locations within a region then we will both have to decide which US East or West region to choose and THEN a server under either of those regions that has the best connection for both of us.

I’m not sure if there is a way to check connectivity of a regions server list before making a character which is why I’m asking here.

Pretty sure all servers within a region are located at the same AWS datacenter. US West might be Oregon and US East might be N. Virginia, but these are just guesses.

As for if you’d be able to play with someone from US west servers while being in US east, the answer is no, you can’t. This has been confirmed.

Servers in a region share the same datacenter.

You will not be able to play with other players across regions.


You said this on steam forums

“Currently server transfers are not available, and neither is cross-server play. Because of this, they are completely separate”

What do you mean we wont be able to cross-server play ? AH / LFG wont be cross-servers on our regions like RU/JP/KR ?

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Cross region* apologies


So if people are getting lost… can someone in Azena in NA east play with someone in Una in NA East?


Cross Server (Region wide)
Raids, Dungeons, Cube, Plat Fields, Auction house, Character name, Boss Rush, PVP arenas

Server Specific
Guilds, Friends (list), Islands, Open world, Strongholds (cross in KR), GvG, Life skills (professions), Arena Premades (queue as party, this is cross server in KR)

Nothing is Cross Region

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You will be able to run raids via group finder with people from Azena with Una and any other NA East server. You won’t be able to do world world activities with them.

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Oh ok so u can’t group with friends? And do stuff

To sum up everything…

  • All servers within a region (ex. NA West or NA East) are housed within the same data center. The data centers are likely in Oregon, Virginia, and Germany (for NA and EU).
  • Cross-play exists for dungeons, raids, auction house, pvp, etc within your region (ex. if you are on Regulus in NA East you will be able to play with people from other servers within NA East. You will not be able to play with people from NA West or EU or any other region).

I think the game will be a huge success and more server will be add in short term but here is my concern for US west and SA in a long term maybe the population going down will not be enough to have a good experience when making a T3 build for your char, if only AH could become cross region would already help alot in this scenario.
Knowing this before launch could help me alot for my long term plan, i’m from SA and will probably play in NA east without this info.

Cross AH could work only if there would be no region price on founder packs and in game shop. No thx we dont need ruined economy.

Price can be changed easily but not AH(cross region), i dont care paying the same as everyone else if i could have the same experience and this is why i’ll play in NA, for someone who already played with 300ms, 120ms is haven

Well most of the players from SA dont want to pay the same prices. Thats why the AH going stay as cross-server.

Well this is awful news…

One other restriction that is server specific is direct wealth transfer. If you want to give currency to another player on a different server, you’ll have to do it via the auction house and agree to purchase/sell a specific item for a specific price. If both players are on the same server, this isn’t necessary.

@Roxx Thanks for that clarification.

Can I make a character on another region, to play with my friends in NA (I am in EU)

No. You must be in the same region. If you want to be in the guild with your friends, then you must be on the same server within that region.

thanks moondragon.

But, can I make an alt on another region ?? to play with them ?