Need another pair of eyes for the build (He got declined from parties 2h~)

My friend is being gatekept from Valtan hard for some reason and we’d like to know the reason why. Maybe we’re missing something, but we need another pair of eyes. Any help is appreciated.

You got declined because why take a 1460 to 1445 content when all the 1520s need to run it as well.



Probably because using Adrenaline instead of keen blunt.

I mean he’s joining parties of around his ilvl and his char is by far better than most in them and yet.

Yup exactly.

There is no reason to gatekeep this player outside of there are higher ilvl players in the list to pick from to take instead since regardless if you started at launch or today, are at 1445 or 1560, a full gigachad or a 3x3 support, we all funnel through the same legion raids every week

Or maybe people are just being dumb, see only 2 gems. Lots of people do not understand others classes.

Meh. Probably just wrong timing. Either statics or some friend of friends etc back to back which can happen sometimes.

I hate to be that guy but

sh is a zdps class. DI is only somewhat balanced assuming you have lv9/10 gems and everyone else is still running lv7s

Also 1460 isn’t that high

Build is fine, probably like Redrowen said people rather take 40+ ilvls over content just so it goes quicker.

Personally would rather take Hit Master over Cursed Doll just because I don’t like double up on negatives of Grudge and Cursed Doll, even if it’s slightly mitigated by SH getting health on transformation. Would also swap Raid Captain for Keen Blunt.

Expenses permitted, obviously. My SH is in a worse engraving situation than your friend’s, and mine’s 1500.

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As someone who has a now 1462 SH alt with 4x3+2, I can lend some insight

  • Running Spec/Swift is seen as lesser than Spec/Crit even though still viable, since a lot of people have SH alts they could see the Swift as a “no”
    Also 1580 Spec is fine for 1460

  • Since Swift sub RC is ok, however CD is considered less valuable to have than KBW, so people might see that and go “no” even though it’s perfectly fine with SH’s natural healing

  • While level 7 gems are acceptable, lotta people expect 8’s or higher at this point because “well the bots made them cheap why didn’t you buy” (this one right here is extremely dumb to me)

  • LwC very viable for content until LoS, however lotta people starting to get LoS 18 by now, luck be damned (was there myself)

  • Roster level decently high, but still on the low-ish side for some people (why this is a deciding factor I don’t know)
    Also no guild and very little Horizontal progress shown, pointing that out

And I’m adding this one in based on personal experience

  • SH seems to be a “black sheep” when it comes to parties since “everyone has one as an alt”
    I’ve been there where it’s taken me well over an hour of just getting denied again and again over and over, it sucks

Tldr; Build seems perfectly ok while not being meta, however people will deny “perfectly ok” for something better every time, especially being 1460 fighting with every other 1460+ parked alt trying to get in
Getting to 1472+ might yield better success


apparently because so many people in this game are just super noobs and can only clear content when they are extremely overgeared. Many are only capable because they either grind no stop, or because they whale or even worse rmt. Game is almost dead for normal players. too bad really, because the chore systems of the game are just awful.


Not being level 60 stands out.

  • lv7 dmg gem on a 2 gem class. lv9 is minimum for good damage
  • Not lv60. This is a big dmg loss on SH
  • Low roster
  • Spec amount is abysmal. You need at least 1672+ before bracelet. And 1769+ with bracelet. Ideally 1800+ obviously
  • LWC cards when everyone has at least LoS 18
  • Missing KBW in engravings but that’s not a big deal

Don’t take my reply as offensive. It’s just why you can potentially get denied. You’re competing with other players for the dps slot and it’s very easy to do better than you.

Personally when I inspect a SH or Scouter I insta decline anything under lv9 dmg gem because that’s the minimum you need to do the same dmg as other classes with full lv7 gems and lv5 tripods.


What are your Chars? Maybe go with him. if u have a Overgeard one.

I dont see any problemm on the gear.

Idk what your mate try to join.

EUC for exampel i see alot of Valtan/vykas/kakul on i lvl partys.

Try not applying to the 1500 ilvl parties next time. They arent “gatekeeping” you, they’re taking other 1500s.

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Bruh where is the Bracelet ? Where is the bling ?!? huh ? :rofl:

Not level 10 GEM ? for Demonic impulse ?

No Light of Salvation ?

Why Cursed Doll and no Hitmaster ? Cursed doll is good with awakening, but let’s be real in the overall battle Hithamster benefits outweigh the Cursed doll.

Why Adrenaline ? Your demonic form already has lot of crit. Useless engraving on this build.

It look like a cheap alt for a demonic impulse that is what the lobby master will think knowing how stupid the gatekeeping is nowaday when some people only let 1460 do Argos.

TLDR: Maybe your friend is just maybe unlucky. Only thing to improve is that maybe the swiftness to crit or change the adrenaline to Keenblunt, because DI already has lot of crit and mvt speed. The other thing is might be the gem. Then again who knows what those lobby master has in their rocket brain.

simple crate you own type 1500 and all of them will join and enter inside say someone lead boom problem fix .

just do whatever the doing welcome to lost ark .

you shouldn’t be gatekept

Pretty weird. Few weeks ago I had 1 remaining char at 1462 left ( igniter sorc with 4x3 and lv 5 gems) and while it was at that ilvl for months I never had to search for long. Maybe class diff but I would say sh is alot more reliable or different region. Gatekeeping is crazy everywhere but the american servers are probably a bit worse with that

Main problem is his ilvl, people running old content want to take way over ilvl people (sadly).

old content xD it’s like 3 raids in this game… what a joke really