Need another pair of eyes for the build (He got declined from parties 2h~)

nothing wrong with the build =D just keep trying or self host, ive seen stupid argos parties that require min of 1460 ilvl to join


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4x (1)

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technically speaking adrenaline is primarily die for kbw reasons.

If you run hallucination its less needed to reach kbw breakpoint.

If you are running salvation adrenaline is needed 100% if u are running kbw.

Also adrenaline is a good engraving regardless

Either you got very good deals or you don’t realize just how much gold you’ve spent on engravings.

100 quality Relic accessories adds up to 1500 spec, plus pet bonus is 1650. I have 54 Spec from horizontal content so I could get up to 1709 without a bracelet.

Or I’m missing something from the equation.

would you guys gatekeep this build applying to Brel 1-2 on 1490 reaper? Out of curiousity. See this person apply with el cheapo gems

I think there’s some missing context here with minimum requirements on doing raids

People keep forgetting that a lot of these “gatekeeping” requirements are for PUGs which, yeah it’s gonna be skewed heavily towards being near 100% efficiency and ridiculousness

Now people were saying that 4x3 was perfectly fine for Clown, so we assume that’s the minimum standard for on ilvl for us

But what is “perfectly fine” for Brel nowadays

We as Global are already overpowered in a sense for a lot of things mostly because of Balance patches, mechanics breakdown and the like

But I don’t think I’ve seen a general “requirement” engraving / gearwise for Brel that’s not biased by PUGs

I think if we talk about that and figure it out, then we can see just how ridiculous “gatekeeping” requirements actually are

And to answer your question, if it’s known that 4x3 is good enough for Clown on ilvl, then we can assume that 4x3 is somewhat of a minimum for Brel at this point

So if this person isn’t putting enough effort for the bare minimum for Clown, then they’re not even close for Brel to be a contributing DPS member

Doesn’t have to be on MVP screen every time, but minimums are there for a reason for everyone to contribute

It’s simply because people just grabbing higher ilvl people. I would not deny him if I see him apply. One thing I recommend, and I have done this with my my new guild members, is that I helped taught them properly doing orbs, and also doing wei. Then uide them to gate 2, this way, you equip them with the knowledge and experience to be the raid leader. So they can make thieir own parties instead of them trying to join another.

With 1460 bracelet only fit un the a** bruh

The 5/3 B.S. comes from a “F2P” Streamer that said we can’t clear Clown without 5/3. Until some real Korean players did Hell Clown with 1 engraving.

I tried to fix it, I just join a “reclear” group because I know I have enough dps to carry the group, especially for Valtan Hard lol.

Regarding some crazy standards like LOS 18 lol we never had those when Valtan started at least for the majority of players… 3/3 was “enough” now “gatekeeping” is just to expedite the whole raid grind process. For gold…

Regarding Gatekeeping only thing I can say is that players want to finish the content and get out. So they will rather wait for juicy DPS or a 1490+. It is just time efficiency.

I don’t know why a 1460 gets gated like this for 2 hours… There is something definitely wrong with that server. Or then again maybe it is an exaggeration, a lot of folks exaggerated on the internet…

I asked him but he never replied to which lobbies he apllies.
If he is trying to get into 1475+ lobbies with his 1460 ofc he will get denied for 2h straight.
I doubt if he applied to a full 1445 lobby there would be a problem

:rofl: it was a joke that one

Your friend is doing nothing wrong. This is basically the cheaper version of DI with swiftness on neck and hallucination for the crit. Card set is what you would expect unless you have LoS 18.
The reality is that you are competing in the lfg with multiple 1500+ characters for a dps slot and as time goes by it becomes harder and harder to join pugs unless you hone your character to that standard. Even if you are the only one applying the party leader might still be waiting for a 1500+ dps to apply. This is the state of LA in 2023 and it’s gonna get even worse with ancient gear. At that point being 1460 will be an automatic reject from every party in lfg. The bar for acceptance always moves with the majority and the majority right now has multiple characters on Breshaza.

What is your solution?
1)Search the unofficial discord for a guild. Most guilds i’ve seen are trying to replace 1500+ players that quit the game. Don’t expect to find a guild easily but you might if you keep at it.
2) Buy a bus to progress your gear and get some gold. I never bought a bus and never will, i don’t wanna pay someone else to play the game for me, might as well go play something else and be done with it. But you do you.
3) Go play something else, there is a huge variety of games out there that provide a much better gaming experience even if we are talking specifically about MMOs. LA has major design flaws and those need to be addressed as the gap between new/returning and veteran players has become so wide that they can never catch up while at the same time partaking in a lot of the same content.

The reply was intended for with bracelet.

Having a 90+ spec bracelet and all 100quality accessories is just a normal thing that everyone has…especially at “1460” like OP.

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Build doesn’t matter if you die in raids. Its all about the sweet roster lvl, which translates to exp or proper titles

He applies to lobbies of his own item level/below. I’d say his character in most ways are better build than the others that he joins and that’s why it’s so interesting why he’s getting denied

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I get insta accepted with almost identical build and same item level wdym

Solution : Make your own raid / party.

Yes do it and be like this guy right here: