Need another pair of eyes for the build (He got declined from parties 2h~)

low roster level, i guess…maybe RC instead KB engraving, swiftness instead of crit, and low level jewel’s quality…
Anyway 1500+ always gatekeeping players with <1490 ilvl
Try to join raid with most 1460-1475: works for many alts

As someone who runs 8+ hm valtans a week and 99% of the time lobby leader. You would be amazed how many 1500+ spam lobbys. If my choice is a swift lvl 7 gem 1460 sh or a 1520 deadgeye. Im going deadgeye.

You only have 2 gems vs everyone elses 11, ao therefor 2x7 is the equivelent of 11x lvl 5.

Most of it has been said already, it’s basically
low roster lvl, low item lvl, low character lvl - compared to the other applicants

Also regarding crit or swift neck, while it’s true that crit salvation has a higher dmg ceiling, you need at least lv9 gems and spec bracelet to comfortably use Leap and Blood Massacre (A and S) three times during one transformation, if you are not going to invest that much - maybe for an alt - swiftness hallucination is the better and stronger choice (Source: KR forums)

i got a 1510 and 5 1445+ well geared…

i get gatekept even on argus runs. if you dont have friends then u cannot enjoy this game.
i dont have any… thats why im quiting.

I don’t understand why so many people point out the character level unless that’s supposed to show experience… since the skill points don’t really matter much here.

But in terms of experience it also shows nothing, I have a lot of characters on lvl 60 that I didn’t play as much as some of my newer characters who I play every day - just a really weird take for me.

Not running adrenaline on DI should be a bannable offense. Why even comment when you are obviously absolutely and utterly clueless?

1475 is the new minimum iLvl for the most dedicated players’ lobbies and soon it’ll be 1490. It keeps going up after time passes simply to match the iLvls of the most dedicated players’ rosters so they can keep playing together without anyone new being able to catch the wave on their alts and only their main that they can play properly due to investing a lot of time and resources into it. This is the collective decision made from purely individual desires to have very smooth runs guaranteed regardless of what content they play. It got necessitated and sped up as a process by the boosting passes they gave to players that granted them an earlier access to the content without ensuring experience on said characters.

Figuratively because they gave players sticks they could use to jump over the moat of gatekeeping, the players themselves made it wider and it’s getting wider by the week

this is sadly true people only can do content after they are omega overgeared it shows that theres really a skill issue in the community

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It’s not about experience but skill level (damage), depending on class having Lv.11 skills vs Lv.12 skills does make a 5-10% difference, for shadowhunter all transformation skills will get stronger once you reach character level 60 (Lv.12)

Is this needed to clear the raid, does it make the difference? No

But people will gatekeep anything and everything

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maybe just unlucky? my lopang slave have no problem join valtan with 1460 2 piece relic and 5x3 cheapo build

Low roster and the vykas title without even the succubus is very SUS.
I wouldn’t pick u for vykas hard tbh. Even if u were the only dps in the lobby.
That being said… u r absolutely fine for valtan hard but u probably joined the lobbies late.
When there are two supports in group, leaders go very picky… :joy:

Do not speak anything if you are completely clueless, thx.

Easy answer, they only look at ILVL get him to have 1462 and he will get instant accepted.

Yea, z dps but with great uptime like myself, i beat on 1460 SH of mine 4x3, 1500+ people in valtan hard. Bro i fucking bus valtan hard SOLO on my SH main, because i have great uptime dps my guy.

Where do you see that the transformation skills get raised to lvl 12 with reaching char lvl 60?
It’s not that I seek to argue but there is nothing to indicate that, if you hover over your transformation skills all of them state “skill lvl 1 (max)”.

You can see its dmg increase man, get a SH to 59, check then what dmg the demonic skills do, and then go to 60 and see that the dmg dealt has been increased, i know that because i have 3 SH mains

They all state “Skill lvl 1 (max)” because you can not put skill points into them to increase its damage, they will get stronger automatically when you hit character level 55 and 60, the “checkpoints” where you can increase other skills to lvl 11 and 12.

For example all transformation skills from Shadowhunter or Scouter, the Ancient Elementals from Summoner, Surge from Deathblade etc. all those skills that are “maxed out” at lvl 1 without any option to put additional skill points in it, they get stronger at character level 55 and 60

You are right that there is nothing in the game that indicates this, but it is kinda obvious if you pay attention to the numbers and compare the skills before reaching level 55 or 60 - the Korean players have tested and confirmed this as well

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This id like to know myself. But Out of pure curiosity. I Just recently decided to hone in my SH alt and i applied to Vykas hard lobbies this week. Took me 5 minutes with the following:

1462.5 ilvl (+19 weapon)

Demonic 3
Hit Master 3
Grudge 3
Adrenaline 2

1600 spec
480 Swift

2 lvl 7 gems + a few lesser CD gems for gainer skliis.

Lvl. 60

LOS 18

Roster.lvl. 200

4! Piece Hallu Set.

So as you can see i do not have an optimal build. Its supposed to be an easy to maintain alt.

So im interested what the big difference is.

At first glance it might just be the roster lvl, maybe the weapon too.

I think i also had You are my Sunshine set as title.

Your Friends build ist perfectly fine in my oppinion.

He’s at level without level 60, has low Roster level and no title. Having Succubus at least would help considerably. Of course, he needs to get into lobbies and clear raids to get there - so it’s best that he pairs up with an experience player or deal with the fact he’ll need to make a lobby that will only attract other low roster level players.

Alright I understand, appreciate this answer a lot.
I have “just” one SH and she is already 60 for a long time a lot changed with her gear while she leveled so I didn’t really catch that back then.

I also appreciate the other classes mentioned! Thanks a bunch.

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