Need character restoration

how do i restore deleted punika characters 1302+?

Hi @onethousandiQ.

Hope you are doing well!

I would like to help you to restore you check if is possible to restore the deleted character.

I would need the following information:

Character name:

Character class:

Server name:

Region Name:

Character level:

And confirm to me that you are offline of the game.

I’ll be waiting for your reply! :wolf:

Character name: Katrinasan

Character class: Sorceress

Server name: Mari

Region Name: NA west

Character level: 1340

i am offline as well

you find it?

Hello @onethousandiQ

I hope you are not doing well.

I’m sorry but my colleague Kagami is not available at the moment.

Could you please log out of the game while I try to restore the deleted Sorceress character for you?

Please let me know once it’s done. :slightly_smiling_face:

i am logged off @ThunderWolf

Thanks for the response @onethousandiQ

The Sorceress character named “Katrinasan” has been successfully restored. Please relaunch the game and check if it’s there.

Have a great day ahead and Happy Holidays. :christmas_tree: :tada: :innocent:

will check thank you very much @ThunderWolf happy holiday

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Hi again @onethousandiQ

I’m sorry for delay in responding to your reply.

I’m glad to see that my colleague @ThunderWolf help you restoring you Sorceress character named: Katrinasan! :smile:

Let us know if you need help with something else.

Have a nice day and happy holidays! :wolf:

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