Need guild or help (idk)

Hi, I play on the Ladon server, so if have any guilds recruiting in ladon or anyone who wants to help with legion raids I appreciate it. Since I lost the last content like the clown raid, I am a bit discouraged and every day I am losing interest to keep playing. I have time to learn the mechanics calmly and patiently, but as the lobbies demand too much almost of the time, i do not want to enter in a raid without even have a good practice or having done once and make others lose time and keep quiting, because I know it is boring to enter as a beginner in a raid where people already have experience and want to finish quickly because they have other things to do like, personal or also in the game. so that’s it, if there is one that can help me, just send me a message here, my English is not perfect, but every day is a learning process.