Need help accessing game from region locked

hi i am trying to access the na west servers from a different region and it is giving me “region locked” error. I was wondering if there was any way i can get around this error so i can play again. Thanks

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I’m sorry you are having issues with the message region locked , just to make sure this is the message : region closed and can’t be selected ?

If that is the case we recommend this steps in order to fix the issue :

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yes i am getting the message “The region is locked and can’t be selected”

Hi @chenvincent7629.

I’m sorry you still have the issue, if you already tried the steps above and the problem persist, please send a web ticket to our team so we can further investigate with more details of your account.

Please visit this link to create the web ticket for our team:
Select In-game Issues → Something Else → Contact Us → Web ticket.

Contact Us | Amazon Games

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We’re you able to get back in game ?

Was online this morning no problem and tonight this problem appeared for me too and I can’t reach my roster which is on NAE

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Please refer to our support team to create a web ticket if the steps above didn’t solve the issue for you:

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