Need help and sugestion

Greetings HERO

I will like some suggestion/recomandation from some veterans players regardless the most to preferd classes from me …i cant pick one as main so

  1. Gunslinger with time to hunt - agility, crit main stats
    I dont really like the shootguns that much , i know is better i know the meta but still i like playing time to hunt with agility , crit as stats

  2. Striker esoteric fury - agility, crit main stats
    Again know the deathblow hits harder with speciality , crit as main stats but i really like the agility stats for mobility , atk speed etc

So i was wonderring wich class is better for later legion raids for party synergy, dmg dealer , survivability etc. I never try legion raids on other versions and i was wondering wich class to main and + hard on mats in T3 from this two classes … i like and enjoy both but dont have the time to farm and + both

I will like some recomandation/suggestions wich do you think is better …I play around 4-6h/day
Sry if i type some words wrong, english not my first language.

which one u feel more comfortable to play?

i personally started as sorc currently my highest Ilv one but by far this aint my main yet i am good at this class but im still playing on alts and surprisingly i found out gunslinger more enjoyable to play , even if is time to hunt is still ok in legion raids what matters most is surviving so choose the one u more comfortable with.

I like both, my gunslinger is at 1342 ilvl and striker at 1033ilvl, i will take striker to T3 maybe I will have and ideea by then wich to main