Need help deciding on main

Hi, I know there is a ton of similar posts, I’ve read a lot of them, but haven’t found info i’m looking for.
I’m playing a game with a friend (bard) and becouse I can’t decide what to play I’m lagging behind constantly releveling characters, so I need to decide on a mian char (and most likely an alt, couse who can have only one char xD)
Usualy I love playing the “spellblade” or melee spellcaster type of character, like ech shaman or dk from wow, guardian or mesmer in gw2. Basically a character that uses a melee weapon with both melee and ranged spells. I also enjoy tanking, but dislike being a support. And I dislkie punching enemies, i prefer to have some weapon.
Also I love skill modyfication system in this game, but have noticed that some classes don’t have good and meaningful choices for most of the skills. I really enjoy having choises that change skill in a meaningful way and having a choice with what i take, not being forced to choose between cooldown, mana cost, or crit damage.
I have played few classes to level 20~25 and a gunlancer to 40, so far gunlancer got me a little bored. I feel like my bard friend is doing more dmg and while i can tank a lot of hits, i don’t enjoy most of the abilities and i feel like i have no choice to make with modifications, most powerfull skills have one really good modifier and rest are meh.
I tried paladin and enjoyed it quite a bit, but then realised i can’t be a dps with it xd plus my friend is running support already
Shadowhunter felt great, I loved melee combat with mixed in ranged attacks, but you can’t modify demon skills :frowning:
Glavier had most fun skill modifications imho, a lot of changing how skills work, but no magic. Also felt realy similar to shadowhunter, same two builds, one with constant switching, and one disabling transformation, skills using class resources, mix of melee and ranged combat.
Right now i feel like I’d choose glavier or shadowhunter, but don’t know which would be better, or maybe i missed a class that would be better for me?..

I’d really appreciate your advice

Main the character you have the most fun on, it’s as simple as that. No one can choose what you click with the most other than you.

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I’d recommend you to play both for a week or two and then decide for urself which os more fun. But I also recommend you to try scrapper. Was the opposite of what Ive played in any game before but it’s amazing. You might don’t have that much ranged stuff but I’d still give it a try

You won’t get any real conclusion if you don’t at least get any one of those classes to at least t2. Sounds a bit much, but it is just how this game works.

I suggest go glavier t3,and if you not like IT just need wait until New class release,Than probably have a Chanel to skip most of the leveling and gearing content.before tier 3 (1302ilvl) any alt not give much help.

I suggest glavier because you say that you like it,and have good damage at t1-t3.

I came in to the game similar to you: I loved ench shaman and “battle mage” type classes. In short: I didn’t find that perfect match and struggled landing on a main to this day myself.

The closest I think was Soulfist, but that’s out if you don’t like having to punch stuff half the time. They also have a stigma of being the weakest class. I ended up landing on Glaivier myself as a main until Summoner is out. Artist may be up your ally when it ever comes out though. It has the most leeway in rolling DPS of the supports so won’t clash with your Bard friend.