Need help figuring out night fox yoho

when im playing the GR on my alts, my dmg always get halved to 90% reduction after he tries running the 2nd time… how do i go back to normal damage in this fight? sorc and zerk i see my damages go from 2m to 4mil hits to roughly 10k to 200k damage AT MOST, for the remainder of the fight… why does this happen and why dont i have any debuff telling me that my character is garbage for x amount of time? the game is just so inconsistent with fighting all around, sometimes i do full damage, most of the time on only the alts do literally no damage??? makes no sense

stagger then weak point and it’s like 60% damage reduction

EDIT: here’s a pic of my damage after the weak point mechanic on a 1370 lm. keep in mind that even after weak point yoho still takes like -10 to -15% damage i’m not entirely sure what.

When you knock down Yoho after the first phase you will see a big green target over Yoho’s tail.

You need to break her tail with destruction bombs and abilities that say “Weakpoint”

Lol Yeah, with 7 toons killing 14 yohos a day that be at least 30 destructions a day, you might just stop honing and doing anything else just get bombs to Kill yoho…

I do my 14 yohos under 4 mins each… No idea wtf is OP talking about, my damage is Always the same and NO, I DONT USE ANY BOMB, or anything else than my skills to Kill him.

lol, i wish i had 60% reduction, going from 1.5 to 2mil crits to 100k crits is no where close to 60%

no, there is just that reduction and not more in 3rd phase. And you need to break tail to get it back for a while. You usually kill her even through reduction these days cause people still have no idea how weak points work and they just keep hitting tail thinking that’s enough.

The only time she gets very strong reduction is few seconds moments she stops and grow tails (you may notice the fight starts with her only having 3 tails… on 9-tail fox). But that’s mostly noticeable only in 1st phase.

Other then that your weapon broke or you see a differnt crit whily your main skill did normal damage or sth :slight_smile:

Still amazes me that 4months in ppl still wonder what weakpoint is… And complain that the game is inconsistent ffs, what a joke :joy:
Since you are researching also learn what battle items are and when to use them

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What’s battle items?

Wait we’re suppose to use battle items on yoho?!

That aside. Yoho has a damage reduction in place during phase 3 which is removed partially when you break the tails.

So there’s a chance that when you’re throwing your biggest spells is when she howls, when she howls she cuts your damage by idk 90% or some huge amount. So try to not cast anything during that moment or just wait till she does howl to guarantee you’re getting your full damage. Other than that I run it a lot too and my damage stays consistent