Need help gaining gold

I’m F2P and would like to know if any of you guys know another way for me to gain some gold.
Currently I’m doing una’s on reset, argos , oreha hard, regular oreha on my alts, adventure island and most of it that is earned is instantly gone when I hone my glaivier and also spent getting my bard up to tier 3. ( Also have done the guardian raid guide quest that gives gold )
( I know masterpieces are really good but this is extreme rng and not viable )
Just wondering if anyone knows another way I can earn a little extra gold so I can hone up to 1415 with all the mats I’ve saved.

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The only thing I can think of is that you can sell some mats? Maybe do lower-level abyss on the alts (IDK what ilvl you are). Some Masterpieces are sold by ships near the main cities, those are 100% chance, and you exchange by coins (e.g. ginea). You can also ask a friend to borrow you some gold and you could give it back next week (after reset).

Sell some of the mats. The T3 market is great. I find that I always seem to have more T3 crystals than other stuff (leapstones, honor shards, gold, etc.).

Def sell some mats. If you have them, try selling some leapstones too. You can try and tangle in the gem market. Buying low, selling high kind of thing. I think a lot of people do that… so it’s often difficult to find the proper angles.

Maybe also consider the Tome collectables. Check your server’s market, and see what’s hot. Go to that continent, and find a couple of places you can farm mindlessly while putting on a Netflix or something.

A few ideas for ya. :slight_smile:

Sell all your tradable leapstones and greater leapstones and only hone with bound leaps… also make shure you have 6 goldmakers at a minimum of 1340. It is much better to have leapstones beeing the botleneck so you can save up some gold for engraves and stuff, and soon mats will go down even more in price so take advantage of the market while you can. Hope this helps

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Learn to invest your gold. Market prices fluctuate all the time. Certain items will be in demand in relation to event releases and you wanna buy low and sell high. Spend some time studying the market.

T3 shard bags are the current hot commodity. Earning just a few bags a week from the chaos rifts maps will net you at least a few extra thousand weekly.

Gold gain increases dramatically once you hit 1415 because of Valtan.

Currently I earn in a week:

UNAs: 5K to 30K (Depending on RNG)
Valtan HM: 3.5K
Argos Full Clear: 2.7K
5 x 1340 Alt Abyss Dungeon clears: 7.5K
1 x Argos P1 alt clear (1370): 800g
Sell Unbound Greater Leaps from Alts: 10K

In total I would say my average earnings per week is something like 32-35K gold.

My roster is 1 x 1460, 1 x 1370, 4 x 1340.

You can get 48 masterpieces in around 25 days.
Sell unbound GHL.
Use only boundats to hone. Thats all.

Level up gathering to 30 and start make potions in Stronghold. right now its a good way to make some moeny on the side.
Best route is in feiton wailing swamp.
And if you get platinum ticket its even better.
filling 3 crafting slots 3x10 is 90 pots wich costs you about 420g to craft and they sell for 1350 or smth right now.
After weekly reset the price even gets higher because of the demand of pots. Highest was like 20g per pot.

Really? On Thirain these pots are completely worthless because we are being gifted literally hundreds of them on a weekly basis and we dont even really use them in Valtan.

Yea well f2p will be broke after bots are gone.

I have just one answer for you: swipe.

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F2P can still earn upwards of 40K per week and that only goes up with Vykas release, none of that is reliant on bots since it’s all earned from in game activities.


You sound deluded or something. I’m F2P and I’m sat on 100K gold rn and nothing to spend it on.

How high is the Cost in your Server?

Same, i actually w8 till the legendary engfraving drop to a reasonable price, buy them and then i start go for 5x3 engr.
Nothing else is worth rn spending money.
Maybe after vykas release i start hone more but now i dont want to go over 1467 to keep the argos gold.

Yea, would take me 1 1/2 week to get it, if I farm unbound daily and sell it. Now without bots twice as much and in which relation to all the other stuff stands 100k? 100k are nothing mate. Enough to do your honing.

Btw: I think you are NA, right? NA was super f2p because you guys had insane marketprices.

You mean unas 3-5k right? Not 5- 30k…

  • The most efficient way (and far less efficient compare to those whom spend real money) to gain gold without spending real money is to spend time level up alts and do raids with them.
  • The second most efficient way to gain gold is to spend real money buying gold from the in game currency exchange and buy cosmetic then sell for gold (depends on demand and supply).
  • The most efficient way is to spend real money buy gold from… you know where.

Not a lot. Maybe 9g i think?

No I’m on Thirain EUC.

My money is stockpiling because i no longer need to hone. I am 1460 and I don’t need to do anything else for a long time.

Im also not relying on selling mats for gold making, you can make 30K a week just passively playing 6 chars.