Need help, honor shards disappear after openning bag

I used Honor shard pouch x13 from weekly challenged abyssal dungeon.
In the chat it says i accquired honor shard x1500 13 times.
But I got none in my bag.
I opened another box of honor shard and I only get this new shards from this new box, those 13 pouches of shards are disappeared.
Please help.
Server: Valtan
Character: windarksf

these ones directly go to your currency inventory, unlike the regular ones. check your shard currency tab to see if it increased or not.

No it did not increase thats why I ask here. I got nothing for that 13x pouches. But I got some shards from the box I opened after those 13 pouches. Only those 13pouches of shards disappear.

Hello @windark, welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry to read that your Honor Shards are missing, as @mamamiranda mentioned, when you acquired these shard they should appear in your Currency inventory, as you mentioned that your shards aren’t showing up there it may be necessary to escalate this issue so it can be investigated further, however we may need some additional information.

Do you remember when you acquired and opened these pouches? If possible, could you please provide a screenshot of the message in chat when you got your shards? Also, please try verifying the integrity of your game files and confirm if the Honor Shards are still now showing in your Currency inventory.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply, have a good day in Arkesia.

Hello @Chameliaca ,
I think it is around 30mins before I sent this post.
I know it is going into currency but currency did not change after I used the pouches.
I forgot to screenshot but I remember the chat box says opened x13 pouches and then acquired 1500 shards x 13 lines.
After I opened these 13x pouches, I open another different shard box and the shards in that box added to my currency normally. While those 13x1500 shards just disappeared in no where.

Maybe a silly question but are you sure the shard type was the same? The currency tab tracks the green, blue and orange shards as separate currencies, maybe one of the bags you opened as the wrong type?

Yes they are the same shard type. I checked multiple times to ensure the name is honor shards and not others.

Hello again @windark, thank you for providing this information.

I’ve escalated your issue with our dedicated team so they can investigate further, I’ll be getting back to you as soon as I receive a reply from them.

Hello again @windark.

I’ve received a reply from our team and it seems that the Honor Shards you acquired from your Challenge Abyss Dungeon were spent honing your character’s Chosen Pauldrons, unfortunately because of this it won’t be possible to provide you with a replacement.

Have a good day in Arkesia.