Need help. Im a dumb 1325 Wardancer

Hi everyone. Im new here so im sorry if i click some wrong buttons .d Im 1325 ilevel Wardancer and im having trouble about almost everything. First i just hit t3 and i feel im dealing littttle damages comparing other classes. Im following maxrolls build but still i feel weak. Any Wardancer mains here to help? I have read so much things and im confused af. Im playing esoteric now, should i switch to F.I. Do you think that i must change main char. ? Eveyone says use Wardancer as an alt for getting fast supplies. But i wonder if its my bad that low damage. I like Wardancer but if i keep doing small damages like this, u know its kinda boring after a point.

I have 73_74 roast lvl. And 297 skillpoint.

Thank you all already for your lovely answers <3

Could you please post your characters stats, engravings, card setup, rune setup, tripods, gems and skill setup. Screenshots work too. Also keep in mind since you just hit t3 your t2 gems will be half as effective and so will t2 accessories, so you can definetly be weaker then when you were at the peak of t2.


AFAIK, both wardancer and striker need quite a bit of min-maxing and might feel weak compared to other classes before you achieve that. I think wealth runes are pretty huge for you? also tripods and gems… and engravings of course

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Im at work i cant rn sorry. But i didnt spent much engv books before deciding the best one (except esoteric and master of ambush). I couldnt find right accsessories yet. But also idk the right ones to be honest. If u can share a link or just share yours if you have? I need a proper guide actually.

I’m not too sure if I can link reddit sites here. Remember this is taken from the KR server and as with everything not gospel but might help steer for some classes?

This is the document

As for the class engraving, I believe they both are considered viable with esoteric being more aoe and FI being more boss centric. I am also talking out of my butt from just random youtube/reddit posts I’ve read.

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Ahhaha thx but im seriously started to thinking that there is no Wardancer main anywhere :smiley: im kinda lost

Its tough to say “Hey it gets better far into T3” but from watching the KR versions, not only are there multiple builds taken on it but it is thought of as one of the best classes. It may have just been nerfed a bit? Provides buffs and has a very high survivability.

provides some videos and small chatter on damage later, the nerfs and the overall awesomeness. It is said that they feel much weaker at lower ilvl but just scale great.

The only thing I can take from the 14k videos ive seen is…do you enjoy playing the class? There will be many that show stationary test dummies, the classes seem to peak at different times but all around it does not ever seem like any class is excluded.

*there are frequent balance patches for other regions but uh I got no clue what they will do in this one. We don’t even have a working clock

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Not wardancer main but I heard shes just like my scrapper for example. T1 horrible, t2 got better and now in t3 with right engravings, gems and stat im knocking the living **** out of every guardian

I am sorry to say this, but your skills points, for a 1325 are way too low. This just shows me you’ve been rushing without paying attention to any horizontal progression. You need at the bare minimum 308 points for 6x lv 10 and 1x Lv7 skills, which is the bulk of our damage. I already had over 300 pts in t2.

With that said, i’m a Main Wardancer, and i’ve gotten myself quite a lot of MVP, even as i got into fresh T3 during an Armored Nacrasena, with the build destroyed i still topped 2nd most dmg dealt at around 1307 ilevel vs the guy at 1330ish who got the MVP (which is reansaoble, fresh t3, vs days in).

That said, you need mandatory All your accesories with swiftness, except Spec in 1 of them, and the 2nd bonus of the necklace, No exceptions.

This is the build i run as an Esoteric Wardancer.

Your rotation has to be strict. You start the fight building up resources, once you have 2 bubbles, you can Buff>Blast Formation>Moon Kick (Which will recover 1 bubble back)> Call of the wind god. At this point your buff window is over. But that’s all our hardest hitting skills in it. If you didn’t botch your buff window this is MASSIVE dmg.
After that it should be easy to build back to 4 bubbles, and you can consistenly throw both esoterics at 4 bubbles for maximum damage, if you do your moon kick in between like stated above.
After that you just roll swift wind kick for extra damage, bubble generation, as well as your flash heat fang. From here all your cd’s should be coming back in order for a new rotation, the downtime is perfectly planned with this rotation around Wind’s Whisper. (Try yourself at trixion).

I Don’t run roar of courage because the cooldown is huge, bubble generation is low (At this stage of t3), and swift wind kick allows for more dmg if you use it as soon as it’s back. it’s great damage for a 11ish Second CD skill.
If you’re not a counter fisherman. You can swap out Sky Shattering blow for Spiral Ascension, I do this for no counter fights, which allows me to have another extra “dash”.

Now let’s talk engravings, you want Esoteric ONLY at level 1.
Focus then on getting either Master of ambush all the way to 3.
Or Raid captain all the way to 3.
I prefer a bit more Raid captain because wind whisper’s gets me to mov speed cap if rage procs. And allows me to not be so focused on back fishing.

Altho if the monster has easy backs, Master of ambush is the way to go.
Otherwise the build i’m planning to make which will net me more CONSISTENT dps across the board (beacuse realistically getting the back 100% of the time is gonna be hard). Is Raid captain 3/Increase Mass 3/Spirit Absorb 2/Esoteric 1.

Very achievable build and doesn’t use expensive engravings. As for gems, well you should have had a good build running from t2. I came out of t2 with several lv 5-6 and 2 lv7. That equals lv 3’s and 4 as t3, since the efficacity is reduced by 50%. Until i get proper t3 running. This further helps.

I’m not gonna deny our class may require a little bit more of dexterity and effort to compete, in terms of sheer gameplay inside the fight. But it is what it is. We get in return farily high tankiness, crazy mobility, and to top it all. GROUP SYNERGY. Our buff window doesn’t only benefit us.

Fresh 1307 with a full party of 1330+. SO all my equipement was blue, with trash engravings.

This was when i still was T2. Alaric Sanctuary 8 man raid. MVP was T3 at 1330ish. Otherwise i would have topped it, like i topped all the other T2.

I shared this 2 particular ones because there were sorceress in it (which people claim to be so high dps) and still over dmg’d them. And i could still go on, have a folder full of MVp’s and whatnot. But that would prolongue the posts unncesarly.

I hope this helps.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


First of all thank you for this great explanation that solves so many thing. And yeah you are right. Sadly my skillpoint is too low. I can only play 2 hours per day except sundays because of work :frowning: I will follow your advices. Now i see i was doing wrong so many things. Thank you again for your answers, you are so kind <3