Need help on leveling the roster as quickly as possible!

I created this post here to ask for help on how to level up my roster as quickly as possible, because nobody accepts me in legion raid groups because my roster lvl is very low, I understand perfectly, I don’t complain, because it’s right, I’ve been trying to level up my roster doing all the maps rapport, I’ve done more than half of all the maps in the game,but the xp bar takes a very long time to level up!.. is there a way to level up the roster faster?I’m talking about very fast like 10 lvl or more per day !!!can someone please tell me everything i should do??or link a video about it??if you have some extra time of course!!

Towers with as many alts as you can.
Continents give also roster level I mean, if you manualy do the quests (not with powerpasses, etc).

Dunno the exactly amount, dunno how fast it is, its just more things than can help, in case you need them.

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I already completed all the side quests and the main quets of the game with my main, so I can do all the quests again with alts??

Just what the other poster said.

Take every alt you have to do T1 and T2 towers all floors all of them (it will be super easy and fast with t3 characters) basicly if i remember correctly you will get something like 1k+ / floor in T1 and from 1,5 to 2,6k / floor in t2.

In addition finishing floor 50 gives big roster reward on both towers. I would start with that if i were you.

Then id say the fastest grind would be any easy-to-get collectibles from merchants etc and getting rewards also gives a ton of roster exp.

To finish with you have the following that give a ton : Cube, boss rush and platinum ticket.

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I understand I will do this, thank you very much for telling me everything exactly what I should do, thank you very much man =)

You should aim for something like 140+ roster to have more chances to get into raids.

To round things up, any big NPC relationship can give you a BIG amount of roster exp (Nineveh, Thirain, Azena etc) so if you stored a lot of epic gifts etc be sure to select the favorite one of the NPC and do one Big quickly. You could easyly get an extra lvl this way.

Oreha dungeons give a fair share.

And ofc Vern South campaign gives something like 140-180k roster exp if i reckon.

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u are the best!!!ty u lot !!!

Haha i am glad the time i spent on this game can help.

Rest is a big grind, it is an MMO after all it is grindy though it’s horizontal content is shorter than some old MMOs.

Once you get 140ish just do your raids and content it will raise up by itself.

What you should focus on later on is to open your codex, go to skill potions and do all the easyest ones and then slowly do the rest of them to get max skill points this will improve a ton your dps and general experience.

Also a lot of those skill pots comes along big roster exp, like giants hearts etc.

There is guides for every skill potions etc on Maxroll btw.