Need help picking a new character

So been playing a while now. I want to try a new character but i’m unsure what I want to try out.

I have the following:

Shadow Hunter
Death Blade

I really enjoy the damage the Shadow Hunter does and the tankiness of the Destroyer. Should I maybe go a striker, scrapper or soulfist?

Thank you for any input

I recommend you to play taijutsu scrapper, its tanky, fast, and cheap uwu

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Speaking from an alt investment standpoint I can’t recommend striker. Scrapper and EO soulfist is very cheap to make and might fit your playstyle of you like shadowhunter and destroyer depending on what you like about them.

Tai Scrapper is basically like playing a DI Shadowhunter that’s always in demon form. Fast lots of button pressing and tanky.

EO soulfist is a bit more of an involved mechanic using the meter but they are alot of fun once you get hype down. They also are pretty rare so always fun seeing a soulfist pop up in anything.

The reason I wouldn’t recommend striker is just cause they are arguably the 2nd most expensive alt to fund. Spec/Crit Backattackers tend to be inflated in cost cause there are 5(forgot dedeye) of these fuckers who all use the exact same engravings. I’m sure you are aware of it from the Deathblade if she is surge and the Reaper if she is Lunar.

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Thank you both for your input <3 it’s helped me a lot.

It’s hard to recommend you, you’ll have to try and choose yourself and you’ve already answered yourself in what you asked, choose the style

Its funny you say that because thats about up to kungelanium (depending on peoples setups), past that its one of the lowest in the entire game

Like a scooter they have the same style

I main a Sorceress with Artist, Bard & Deathblade as alts.
I was wondering what to do as well, tried a bit Arcana, Gunslinger, gunlancer and made a scrapper.

Tried it a bit at level 50 and I so enjoyed the class that I bought a South Vern Pass, first time I bought this and damn I don’t regret it!! I love the class :joy::joy:
And the skins are incredible!

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