Need help recovering a deleted characterpls

hi^^ wanted to recover my deleted arcana

think it was 1370 and named Loversarcana

my main character is Brokendreams on the kadan server EUC

ty in advance!

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Hey there @Dreamsowo!

I was checking your account and it seems you have reached the limit for courtesy recoveries for this calendar year, my apologies for that.

If I can help you with anything else let me know, stay safe!

oh, didnt know there was a limit to this… np tho

can u explain that ``for this calendar year´´? want to know this info to let my guildies know

also ty for the response and rlly dw^^

There are some limitations on the amount of characters we can restore for players every year so there is no abuse of the service. :wink:

That means that if there’s no changes to this policy, you will have the chance to request a character recover next year.

i understand now, ty^^

keep up the good work<3

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