Need help with Deadeye keybinds

Most specifically for switching weapons. What do people consider good buttons for switching weapons? please don’t advice me to use mouse buttons, cause I don’t have any side buttons on my mouse. I am using a standard mouse with left, right and middle mouse buttons. I don’t think you can bind your mouse wheel for weapon switching, right? which honestly is a big oversight imo.

So would keyboard buttons would you guys recommend for weapon switching on Deadeye?

I use Q/E as they seem kind of natural for such type of mechanic.

PS: I also presume you could bind any 2 buttons for the said mechanics and then bind you mouse wheel to these buttons to achieve that effect.

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Q and E, huh? so what buttons are assigned for your regular skills/spells then? since the default spell buttons are on QWER and ASDF, at least for me, I would have to change those up a bit for the Q and E switching.

For now I am using z/x instead. But I doubt these will be my final bindings. They aren’t bad, but I’ll probably have to optimize them a bit when ranked pvp is on.

I really don’t like Z and X personally. I don’t like to essentially have to move my whole hand to press either one of those two buttons. I prefer having the gun switching buttons to be easily accessible while my hand can rest over my spell buttons.

I will try with Shift (left switch) and Ctrl (right switch) once I make it through the queue. I noticed my pinky always hovering over these two buttons. I have my ultimate/identity key bound on shift on my Berserker as well and it’s working great. I just wish you could lock out one of the three weapons. I just want to switch between the Pistols and Shotgun on a single button. But that’s not a thing, right? :confused:

Edit: Actually, I thought about a whole new setup for my spell buttons. ASDF and ZXCV. Then Q and E for weapon switching like you suggested in the beginning.

ive found the best thing to do if you can is use mouse buttons. its way easier to keep your hands over qwer and ur mouse then having to rebind a bunch. you can get a mouse with at least 2 mouse buttons for pretty cheap so there should be some in your price range if you dont have one.

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I am sure you’ll figure it out. I am not a big fan of z/x either. But I can put long cooldown skills there and just have to press these buttons once every 16-20 sec. While the weapon switching is super important and have to be on an easily accessible key.

PS: I now invented my own Handgunner build and I am smashing with it. I never got an MVP previously unless doing lower lvl content and now I can’t lose it. The damage is insane and you don’t have to switch weapons.

you gonna share the build lol <3