Need help with hostage taking on Abyssal

A CM is available at the moment? We are trapped by two people in an Abyssal and impossible to get out or finish it. Hostage live

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Thanks dude, i appreciate it :wink:

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Np, GL with the hostage crisis though. Try to be like John Mcclane if you can, I guess.

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Hello @Aurrok and thank you @pyroaddict04 for the forum post,

Thank you for your question regarding this players and how to go about it. This seems to have been correctly answered by @pyroaddict04 so do not hesitate marking their responses as the solution if that is the case.

I will keep an eye on this thread in case you have any other questions.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Thank you for your answer Fenrirskoll
, I took several screens to demonstrate the intention of taking hostages on the part of these people. Do you know what the penalty is for such an act? (I specify that the ordeal lasted more than 3 hours)

Next time just esc>swap character and do something else before coming back to that character to receive entrance ticket.

You can’t change characters during an abyss, we tried the technique. The only way was to quit the game but without knowing if we would have a refund ticket

I was able to do so some time ago. Unless they changed it recently. What do you mean by you cannot switch characters? Was there an error message or?

Yes it is an error message indicating that it is impossible to change character during the fight against a boss, on Seto, if you stay at the entrance of the map the boss does not aggro you and if someone afk, the fight lasts ad infinitum, we were 3 dead but an afk at the bottom and suddenly impossible to change characters in these conditions. It’s quite peculiar but it exists

You cannot change characters DURING fights. But when you wipe you can immediately swap. In that case just force quit the game and relaunch to a different character to wait for that ticket. You only get a ticket if they also quit after you are gone. If they still stay and wait for the AFK timer on your character the system kicks you out of the group. On that I cannot guarantee you get a ticket.

Yes I know;) but suddenly the afk person remained in this position for 2 hours, without the possibility of changing characters. Not knowing if they would complete the dungeon if we left, we were forced to wait.

Hello @Aurrok,

We do not discuss penalties applied to other accounts for security reasons but rest assured we do not let this kind of behavior go unpunished either. In general, depending on the type of breach to the TOS penalties range from a warning, to day or multiple day suspensions, and up to permanent bans.

Thanks for keeping Arkesia a safe place to play! :wolf:

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